100% of transport cost due at reservation. NO EXCEPTIONS, ever!!!

Throughout our years of dog experience, we have often found that when it comes time for pups and dogs to venture out to their news homes, it proves difficult to find a company that places our pets’ quality, comfort and care as a top priority. We are limited to airlines with breed and climate restrictions and faced with putting our animals in very stressful situations just to get them from one place to the next. Finding ourselves in this predicament time after time, we came up with a solution and founded APBC Express. A quality, reliable, safe alternative for transporting your canine. We are happy to offer ground transport service for dogs of ALL breeds and sizes.

APBC Express is team of pet owners and dog breeders that are dedicated to providing a comfortable, caring, and clean environment for your pet as it travels to its new home.

  • Stress Free Pet Transport
  • Door to Door Canine Transport
  • Coast to Coast Canine Transport
  • Climate Controlled Canine Shipping
  • Experienced Team
  • 24 hour supervision
  • We provide bottled water
  • Door to Airport Canine Transport
  • Individual attention, potty and feed/water breaks
  • Ground Shipping for Dogs
  • Clean and Sterlized Environment
  • Transport Dogs and Puppies over 8 weeks of age
  • Text and Picture Updates
  • Delivery Confirmation
  • Secure Paypal Payments for Deposit



  • All dogs/pups must be at least 8 weeks of age
  • Rabies certiicate if more than 12 weeks old
  • Pets must be accompanied by a vet health certificate not more than 10 days old
  • Leash and Collar for traveling pet
  • Food for duration of trip
  • Contact information for shipper and reciever
  • Deposits are non refundable!!!!
  • 50% security deposit at time of scheduling (this will go toward transport fee at pickup)
  • Payment in full at pick up
  • Identification at pick up and drop off
  • Signed delivery reciepts
  • Pictures with recipient for our records and testimonial page
  • Medication to be given must come with special needs form
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